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Custom Optographs


Bring your favorite 2D image into the 3D world as an Optograph!

Let us turn a photo of a loved one into an epic tribute, take a plain 2D logo to a new 3D level, or make the ultimate topographic fan art.

• We offer free consultations and image conversions, so you can get a preview of what your photo would look like before it is cut and rendered.

• Work with us to choose: the crop of your photo, the number of layers, and the color scheme.

• A standard Custom Optograph has 8 color levels (7 cut layers + background), and is sized 12" x 12" (Larger sizes available upon request.)

• Each Optograph is hand assembled with archival cover stock and construction-grade adhesive.

• Our frames are a sturdy black shadowbox frame with clear acrylic window to protect your art (no glass to worry about!).

How to get started:

Just email your photo to us at and we can proceed from there.

Some quick things to consider before emailing us a photo:

  1. Any raster image format will work, JPEG, PNG or compressed TIF. Resolution should be at least 72 dpi.
  2. Close-ups of the subject matter work best (obviously). But we are able to crop in or silhouette.
  3. Images with high contrast work best. If an image requires extensive retouching, we will have to quote you a price before proceeding.

If you aren't sure which photo will work best, it's okay to send us a few to look through.

After you have approved your converted preview, come back here to make your final purchase. Thanks!